"Look for the Blue Q"

PROATEQ is the ONLY product on the market originally formulated to be a Polarized Refrigerant Oil Additive (PROA).  It has been carefully and painstakingly formulated to have only beneficial effects on the compressor system. 

All other PROA's on the market are manufactured from the same patented formula, and use a Chlorinated a-Olefin as the polarized particle.  The Chlorinated a-Olefin is sometimes referred to as a Halogenated Petroleum product, because Chlorine is chemically classified as a member of the Halon family of chemicals, and a-Olefin is a paraffin, which is a petroleum derivative.  The Chlorinated a-Olefin is a lubricant used in industry as a metal-forming lubricant for die and roll forming of steel and as an additive in machine cutting oil.  It has been adapted as a PROA, for use in a compressor.  The Chlorine is inhibited from reacting with water, and forming corrosive acids, by a stabilizing agent.  The stabilizing agent that is intended to bind the Chlorine to the a-Olefin, has the potential to fail and allow free chlorine to react with residual moisture in the system, forming hydrochloric acid.  In cases where this has occurred, the acid has caused major compressor failure.

PROATEQ has a very long shelf-life, with no special storage requirements.  Storage need only be at ambient conditions.   

During storage Chlorinated a-Olefin products can deteriorate with age and need to be stored in a cool dry place.

PROATEQ contains no corrosive elements, and accidental injection of amounts greater than that needed to achieve full benefit of the product, will have no adverse effect on a compressor system.  In fact, PROATEQ contains rust protection additives and a non-ferrous corrosion inhibitor.   

Chlorinated  a-Olefin is potentially corrosive and the quantity injected in a compressor must be limited.  Amounts in excess of 5% of the oil volume in a compressor system, can cause internal damage to the compressor.

PROATEQ also contains several other additives, all of which are beneficial to the compressor system.  There is an oil color stabilizer and an oil antioxidant.  These extend the life of the compressor oil.  In industrial units that require periodic oil changes, it extends the time between oil changes.  There is a friction modifier that increases the lubricity of the oil and reduces compressor bearing wear.  There is also an anti-weld additive that increases bearing protection.  A gasket/seal conditioner is included to protect and extend the life of the compressor gaskets and seals. 

None of the Chlorinated a-Olefin products contain these beneficial additives.

PROATEQ remains fluid at temperatures below -20 F, and can be used in flash freezer applications where evaporator core temperatures are extremely low.  PROATEQ can be custom formulated, for special application customers, to remain fluid at -54 F. 

The a-Olefin is a paraffin and becomes highly viscous at low temperatures causing those Chlorinated a-Olefin products that have a higher concentration of a-Olefin to begin solidification at +10 F.

PROATEQ is not hygroscopic and will not become contaminated with moisture under normal usage. 

The Chlorinated a-Olefin is highly hygroscopic and can become contaminated with moisture if exposed to the air.  When a Chlorinated a-Olefin product is left in a partially used container, it will absorb any water present in the air of the container.  If the air is very humid, like the summer time air in southern climates, the unused portion can become contaminated with moisture from the air.  Because of its corrosive nature and the tendency of the chlorine to combine with moisture to form hydrochloric acid, any water content above 200 parts per million renders a Chlorinated a-Olefin unusable for compressor applications.

PROATEQ contains no hazardous materials and can be handled, stored, disposed of or cleaned up in accordance with procedures for non-hazardous petroleum products. 

In Chlorinated a-Olefin products, the chlorine component, with its potential to become free chlorine, necessitates that the Chlorinated a-Olefin products be classified as hazardous material.  When the Chlorinated a-Olefin products, or compressor oils containing them, are disposed of, they must be treated as hazardous waste.  If the Chlorinated a-Olefin products are spilled, they must be treated in accordance with procedures regulating hazardous material spills.

PROATEQ is compatible with all compressor oils.  There is no need for special formulations with synthetic oils and no danger of high viscosity reaction products forming.

The Chlorinated a-Olefin products are only compatible with standard compressor oil and must be specially formulated to mix with syntheti compressor oils. 

PROATEQ has a low viscosity, the entire treatment amount can be injected into a syste in one application.  PROATEQ can also be injected directly into the high pressure side of a system.  There is no danger of gum-up due to overloading the system because there is absolutely no a-Olefin or paraffin in PROATEQ.

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