• Improve fuel efficiency
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Reduce power usage
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Clean and restore older systems
  • Prolong equipment life

  • Improve engine performance
  • Reduce friction noise and vibration
  • Help prevent bearing damage
  • Improve systems rapidly
  • Soften and condition seals
  • Helps systems run cooler

POWR-TEQ is an extreme pressure lubricant additive that, by reducing friction,  improves performance of engines, manual transmissions and differentials. 

POWR-TEQ cleans the lubricated parts and coats them with an extreme pressure, very high lubricity film.  This increases torque and miles per gallon and reduces wear and maintenance costs.

POWR-TEQ has demonstrated 10% to 20% fuel savings in lab tests and independent road tests, even after other "fuel savers" failed to deliver any significant mileage improvement.   

POWR-TEQ Improves the heat transfer capability in engine and transmission oil coolers, resulting in lower operating temperatures.