• POWR-TEQ  Improves fuel efficiency
  • POWR-TEQ  Reduces operating cost
  • POWR-TEQ  Reduces power usage
  • POWR-TEQ  Reduces maintenance costs
  • POWR-TEQ  Cleans and restores older systems
  • POWR-TEQ  Prolongs equipment life
  • POWR-TEQ  Improves engine performance
  • POWR-TEQ  Reduces friction, noise, and vibration
  • POWR-TEQ  Helps prevent bearing damage
  • POWR-TEQ  Improves systems rapidly
  • POWR-TEQ  Softens and conditions seals

Energy and Profit Savings
Because POWR-TEQ improves fuel efficiency, the pound per mile cost is reduced.  The 10% to 20% savings means that moving a ton of cargo from point to point requires less energy.  This, in turn, reduces the cost of operation.  All this increases the bottom line pre-tax profit.

Health, Safety, and Environment
Handled with reasonable care, POWR-TEQ poses no serious health or safety risks, or risks to the environment.  POWR-TEQ contains no hazardous, toxic, or carcinogenic materials.


In most systems there will be times when the oil breaks down to a point where the lubricant will no longer protect the engine or drive train.  Conventional oils, as well as lubrication systems, generally provide poor bearing lubrication at each start-up.
  POWR-TEQ forms a film one molecule thick on compressor bearings, protecting the compressor at the start-up of each cycle, when the oil has drained from the load-bearing surfaces.

POWR-TEQ does not drain from  surfaces.  POWR-TEQ is not removed by filtration, as are standard lubricants, mechanical lubricants, or solid particle lubricants.  POWR-TEQ continues to protect the system, even when temperature and stress have caused conventional lubricants to become useless. 

POWR-TEQ bonds to the metal and greatly increases the lubricity in the engine and drive train.  Because of the increased lubricity with POWR-TEQ, compressor oils will last longer in your systems.  Also, because of the increased lubricity, friction noise and vibration will be reduced.  POWR-TEQ can extend the life of the oil and the time between changes.  This can reduce annual maintenance costs.

Rapid System Improvement
POWR-TEQ benefits are quickly demonstrable.  After installation of POWR-TEQ there will be a decrease in fuel consumption.


Installation of POWR-TEQ in your system provides the most technologically advanced
lubrication on today's market.  All the components of
POWR-TEQ will help extend the equipment life and reduce maintenance costs.  POWR-TEQ protects the engine and drive train oils from breaking down, by including a thermal and oxidation stabilizer, and a color and heat stabilizer.   POWR-TEQ reduces noise and vibration caused by friction and will literally clean and restore older systems.  POWR-TEQ contains an acid scavenger that blocks acids that can damage systems.  POWR-TEQ acts rapidly and will continue to protect between oil changes.