As EnSaTEQ, Inc., developed the POWR-TEQ formula, compatibility with the environment was of primary concern.  They took great care to assure that POWR-TEQ would pose no hazard to the environment. 

Through extensive laboratory and field testing, it has been found that POWR-TEQ does not put any additional restraints on waste oil recyclability or waste oil disposal.  POWR-TEQ contains no environmentally hazardous or toxic materials.


POWR-TEQ poses no serious health or safety risks.  There are no known carcinogens or toxins in POWR-TEQ.  Tests on similar materials suggest that no eye effect is to be expected.  Tests on similar materials indicate that no significant adverse health effects are expected to occur with short term exposure to skin.  When ingested or inhaled, tests on similar materials indicate no acute effects are to be expected.  There are no noted medical conditions aggravated by exposure. 

POWR-TEQ is a slightly combustible liquid, OSHA-NFPA Class IIIB.  If heated above its flash point of 360 degrees F, POWR-TEQ will release flammable vapors which can burn in open air or be explosive in a confined space if exposed to an ignition source.

POWR-TEQ can be safely handled using good common health and safety precautions.

A federally compliant Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is on file with each
POWR-TEQ dealer.  The customer/end-user has the right to see a copy of the MSDS on any materials purchased.  Under federal law the consumer has the right to expect a disclosure, clearly spelled out within the pages of the MSDS, of any health threatening, safety threatening, or environmentally threatening hazardous or toxic materials contained in any product purchased.  SilverTree invites the customer to follow the link to read the POWR-TEQ MSDS.