POWR-TEQ Saves Money


Based on 200 trucks, each driven 120,000 miles per year @ 5.5 miles per gallon, with oil changed every 10,000 miles, and a fuel cost of $1.40 per gallon, the truck operating costs are as follows:
Fuel Cost Before
POWR-TEQ installation = 21,818 gal/yr @$1.40 = $30,545/truck x 200 trucks = $6,109,000 per year.

Fuel Cost After
POWR-TEQ installation with a 15.31% savings = 18,477 gal/yr  @ $1.40 =  $25,868/truck x 200 trucks = $5,173,600 per year.

POWR-TEQ Treatment Cost = $1,050/truck/yr x 200 trucks = $210,000/yr.

Savings $935,400 or $4,677/truck/yr.    Net Savings $725,400 or $3,627/truck/yr.

Return on Investment is 2.69 months

The above chart shows the annual costs and savings for a
single truck driven 120,000 miles per year with the oil changed every 10,000 miles, and a fuel cost of $1.40 per gallon

POWR-TEQ Improves Cash Flow

POWR-TEQ offers substantial savings per truck.  Whether you own a single truck or a fleet, POWR-TEQ improves the performance and produces savings on every truck.  The chart below shows that when you consider the monthly cost to treat a truck with the POWR-TEQ additives, the savings is realized the first month and every month after, for as long as you keep
POWR-TEQ working for you.  The chart data is based on the above "200 Truck Fleet Pro-Forma."

Monthly Cash-Flow And Net Saving For A Single Truck

The above chart shows that for a Single truck, or for a fleet of trucks, with POWR-TEQ the cash-flow is always positive. 

POWR-TEQ Is An Effective Solution

In the face of the rising cost of operating a truck, each operator, whether an Owner/Operator or a Fleet Operator, is faced with the challenges of staying competitive.  Fuel costs are a major part of overall operating expenses.  As fuel prices continue to rise, there is increasing pressure to improve fuel performance in terms of miles-per-gallon.  Those that survive in the trucking business will be those that find ways to reduce overall operating expenses, including fuel-cost-per-mile. 

POWR-TEQ is an effective solution to the fuel-cost-per-mile challenge.  By achieving the savings that POWR-TEQ provides, the truck operator will reduce operating expenses and remain
competitive in the trucking industry.