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By EnSaTEQ, Inc.
The ENergy SAvings TEQnology Company

The Advanced Polarized Refrigerant Oil Additive (PROA)
for Air Conditioning, Freezers, Coolers, Chillers, Ice Machines,
Vehicles, Airplanes, Refrigerated Warehousing and Trucking

  • Reduces operating costs
  • Reduces power usage
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Cleans and restores older systems
  • Prolongs equipment life
  • Improves compressor performance

  • Improves heat exchange (in physics, the "Q" Factor)
  • Stops acid burn-out
  • Reduces compressor cycle time
  • Reduces friction noise and vibration
  • Helps prevent bearing damage
  • Improve systems rapidly

  • Reduces kilowatt-hours used to maintain same level of performance in air conditioning, heat pump, and refrigeration systems.
  • Reduces compressor system maintenance and replacement costs.

      RESULTS - LESS outflow of overhead money

MORE bottom line pre-tax profit

  • PROATEQ works faster.
  • PROATEQ bonds tighter to metal surfaces inside compressor systems.
  • PROATEQ is more conductive.
  • PROATEQ improves heat transfer ("Q" Factor) efficiency.

  • Acid Scavenger -  finds, binds and renders harmless any free acids that form when moisture combines with chlorine or halogen.
  • Color and Heat Stabilizer - protects compressor oil from chemically breaking down at temperatures above 300 F. 
  • Thermal and Oxidation Stabilizer - improves compressor oil's resistance to thermal oxidation and its ability to protect against corrosion.
  • Friction Modifier - increases lubricity of compressor oil, reducing wear inside the system.
  • Anti-Gall/Anti-Weld Additive - helps prevent welding (galling) and bearing seize-up during high stress operating periods.   

  • Contains no environmentally hazardous or toxic materials.
  • Poses no serious health or safety risks.
  • Contains no known carcinogens or toxins.

  • PROATEQ is the only completely different PROA formula on the market.             
  • PROATEQ is totally unrelated to any other PROA formula, and contains absolutely no Chlorinated or Halogenated Olefin or Paraffin.
  • PROATEQ is formulated to eliminate potential problems associated with the patented PROA's.   
  • PROATEQ is precisely engineered specifically as a PROA, each element carefully selected to protect equipment and produce tremendously enhanced performance of air conditioning, heat pump, and refrigeration systems. 


"Look for the Blue Q"

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