POWR-TEQ is a system of oil additives that improve the operating efficiency of engines,
transmissions and differentials.   The system consists of three separate additives, each specifically formulated to improve performance and reduce operating costs. 
POWR-TEQ will lower
operating costs as soon as it is installed.  In most applications cost-effective
POWR-TEQ will pay for itself in one month.  POWR-TEQ is laboratory and customer proven to cut fuel usage by 10% to 20%.

POWR-TEQ is easy and inexpensive to install.  Just add POWR-TEQ to your engine,
transmission, and differential at service time.  A small amount will produce a large savings. 

One quart of
POWR-TEQ Engine Oil Additive should be substituted for the regular oil at each oil change.

One quart of POWR-TEQ Transmission Oil Additive should be substituted for the regular transmission oil in manual transmissions only.  Because of its high lubricity, POWR-TEQ
Transmission Oil Additive should not be used in automatic transmissions.  The transmission will not need retreatment unless the transmission oil is changed. 

One pint of POWR-TEQ Differential Oil Additive should be substituted for the regular
differential oil.  The differential will not need retreatment unless the differential oil is changed.

POWR-TEQ will literally clean and restore older systems.  All of the components of
POWR-TEQ  will help extend equipment life and reduce maintenance costs.  POWR-TEQ will improve efficiency by reducing friction and wear of the engine and power train components.  POWR-TEQ greatly increases lubricity, bonds to the metal surfaces to aid at start-up and extends the life expectancy of the oils.  This means longer periods between oil changes and reduced annual
maintenance costs.

POWR-TEQ is safe to use and handle and poses no serious health or safety risks.  There are no known carcinogens or toxins in POWR-TEQTests indicate that no adverse health effects are to be expected with exposure to eye or skin or when ingested or inhaled.  There are no noted medical conditions aggravated by exposure to POWR-TEQ.

POWR-TEQ is no more combustible than ordinary engine oil and can be safely handled using good common health and safety precautions.   POWR-TEQ and adds no restraints on waste oil
recyclability or disposal because it contains no hazardous or toxic materials.

POWR-TEQ works with both standard and synthetic oils.