• Restoration of older systems
RePNEU  will literally clean and restore older systems.  All of the components of RePNEU  will help extend equipment life and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Increased compressor efficiency
RePNEU will improve efficiency and increase capability.  This will decrease the time the
compressor actually runs to produce the same output level.

  • Advanced lubrication
RePNEU greatly increases lubricity, bonds to the metal surfaces to aid at start-up and extends the life expectancy of the compressor oils.  This means longer periods between oil changes and reduced annual maintenance costs.

  • Oil compatibility
RePNEU  is compatible with all compressor oils, both standard and synthetic.

RePNEU Is Safe.

  • No serious health risks
RePNEU poses no serious health or safety risks.  There are no known carcinogens or toxins in
RePNEU.  Tests indicate that no adverse health effects are to be expected with exposure to eye or skin or when ingested or inhaled.  There are no noted medical conditions aggravated by exposure to RePNEU.

  • No safety hazards
RePNEU is no more combustible than ordinary compressor oil.  RePNEU can be safely handled using good common health and safety precautions.

  • Environmental friendliness
RePNEU adds no restraints on waste oil recyclability or disposal and contains no hazardous or toxic materials.