• Immediate return on your investment
RePNEU  will lower air compressor systems' operating costs immediately. 
RePNEU  is cost-effective, and in most applications, will pay for itself in two months or less. 
RePNEU  is laboratory and customer proven to cut power usage in compressor systems.

  • Easy, inexpensive installation
RePNEU  can be added to the oil in any air compressor system. 
RePNEU  should be added to the compressor oil whenever the oil is changed.

  • Small amount - great improvement
RePNEU  will produce its full benefit with the addition of an amount equal to only 5% of the
compressor's oil volume.

  • Reduced maintenance
RePNEU  reduces the compressor noise and vibration by reducing friction.  The smoother
operation  means less wear and consequently, less maintenance.

  • Shorter run times - quicker recovery
RePNEU  improves the performance resulting in the production of more compressed air per
minute.  This means shorter run times and quicker recoveries.