RePNEU  Demonstrates Improvements.

RePNEU  has been field tested and evaluated by several experienced and reputable companies
nationwide.  From a small truck repair service, to a metal stamping manufacturing facility, to one of the country's oldest and largest manufacturers of air compressors, all have reported dramatic performance improvements in compressor systems after
RePNEU  was added to the compressor's oil. 

When systems were bled to a pre-determined point, and the time was measured for the
compressors to recover to its operating-pressure cut-off, 18% - 30% reductions in recovery time were recorded after
RePNEU  was added to the compressors' oil.

In all evaluations, the companies performing the field tests reported significant measurable
reductions in the noise and vibration levels of the compressors after
RePNEU  was added to the compressor's oil. 

Most companies report reductions in recovery times and reduction in total run times, resulting in energy savings, reduced wear, and increases in the expected service life of the compressors.  One company, however, reported that after
RePNEU  was added to their compressors' oil, they
increased the operating capacity of their compressed air-driven production line by 35% over a
12-month period, without having to increase the size of their air compressor systems. 

RePNEU  Performance.

The typical RePNEU  performance is shown in the chart below.  When RePNEU  is added to a compressor's oil, the volume of compressed air per unit of time, at a given pressure, increases at an average 20%.  This increased compressor performance capacity results in a faster recovery time to the operating cut-off pressure.  When performance increases, the benefit can be utilized in either an increase in output capacity, or a decrease in the energy cost to produce compressed air at the same capacity. 

The values in the chart are from an actual field test where the recovery time to fill the
compressor's receiver tank from 90 psi to the pre-set 150 psi cut-off pressure, decreased from 90 seconds before
RePNEU  was added, to 72 seconds after the addition of RePNEU