"Look for the Blue Q"

PROATEQ is being used successfully in a variety of applications all over the country.  Industries, businesses, public facilities, homes, automobiles, recreational vehicles, trucks, and busses are enjoying the energy savings and protection of PROATEQ

Here are a few applications representing a cross section of the variety of 
PROATEQ users.  Some of these are PROATEQ installations where controlled product demonstrations were conducted, with performance data recorded.  These data are available on request. 

  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Oak Ridge, Tennessee

At ORNL PROATEQ was introduced into two 150-ton chillers running in series.  Before the installation of PROATEQ, when the primary chiller could not handle the cooling alone, the secondary chiller came on and assisted.  After treatment with PROATEQ, the primary chiller was able to handle the entire load without the help of the secondary.  The energy savings resulting from the efficiency improvement experienced at ORNL is 31.16%.

  • Park Place Retirement Home, Sheffield, Alabama

At Park Place, the home is cooled by a chiller system having two 75-ton reciprocating compressors operating in series.  Five days after treatment with PROATEQ, the primary compressor was sufficient for the entire cooling load.  The secondary compressor no longer needed to run.  When the energy consumption performance is compared, before and after the addition of PROATEQ to the system, the kilowatt-hours required to carry the same cooling load decreased by 30.94%.

  • Von Braun Civic Center, Huntsville, Alabama

A demonstration of PROATEQ at the Von Braun Civic Center gives an excellent example of the versatility and broad application of the product.  An ice machine was treated with PROATEQ to demonstrate the energy savings capability in a variety of equipment.  The results showed that the kilowatt draw during freezing period decreased by 31.2%, and the kilowatt draw during rest periods decreased by 35.5%.  Additionally, the ice cube thickness increased by 10.5%, and the harvest cycle time decreased by 6.3%.  Cumulatively, the machine now produces 16.8% more ice in the same time period with a greater than 30% energy savings in terms of kilowatts of electricity.

  • Bayou Cuddy Fishery, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

The Bayou Cuddy Fishery, a large seafood wholesaler, produces the ice for a fleet of shrimp boats and the ice to pack and ship fresh shrimp and oysters across the country.  The ice machine is a large ammonia system that could produce 50 tons of ice in a 24-hour period.  The harvest cycle time was 14.7 minutes prior to treatment with PROATEQ.  After PROATEQ was injected into the system, the harvest cycle time was reduced to 13 minutes, resulting in 12% more ice produced in a 24-hour period.  This occurred within the first week after treatment the system is still improving and data is being taken.

  • Two To Ten Ton Hermetically Sealed Units

PROATEQ has been demonstrated in many homes, apartments, and small businesses, resulting in savings from 25% to 32%.  These are hermetically sealed units ranging in size from 2 to 10 tons.  In every case PROATEQ improved the performance and reduced the energy consumption required to produce the same amount of cooling, or produced more cooling with the same amount of energy. 

In an unsolicited letter from Putnam Radiology, P.C., they stated that prior to PROATEQ, the afternoon office temperature would rise to 85 - 88 degrees after 1:00 p.m.  They stated that two air conditioning contractors had worked on the system and had not been able to lower the temperature in the afternoon.  According to the letter, after treatment with PROATEQ, the afternoon temperature in the office has not risen above 78 degrees, and they are very pleased with the results.  This is a good example of producing more cooling with the same amount of energy.

  • Safety Kleen Corp., Texas, Louisiana, Southern Mississippi

PROATEQ is providing energy savings in all of the Safety Kleen Corp. facilities in the Texas, Louisiana, and Southern Mississippi region.  Although formal data was not taken on any of these facilities,  the regional manager stated that he was very impressed by the fact that in one of the locations, the air-conditioned warehouse space was doubled, but that the utility bill did not increase. 

  • Automobiles, Trucks, and Busses

PROATEQ is being used successfully in hundreds of vehicle applications around the country.   Huntsville Emergency Medical Service, Inc. (HEMSI), has been using PROATEQ in their fleet of ambulances and emergency response units since 1996.  It is very important to keep trauma patients cool while transporting.  In the hottest part of summer, the units were difficult to cool because of long periods of sitting at idle at accident scenes and because of the opening and closing of the large doors on the units.  PROATEQ successfully reduced the vent temperatures on the units making the cooling system much more efficient.  PROATEQ routinely lowers the air conditioning vent temperature in vehicles 6 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit within 20 minutes of injection into the system.

These are just a few examples of the performance of PROATEQ in various types of systems and applications.  In all cases the savings and performance improvements were positive and dramatic and permanent.  We at EnSaTEQ, Inc., would be happy to provide data and more specific examples of the benefit of protecting with PROATEQ.

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