"Look for the Blue Q"

PROATEQ helps achieve and maintain a high level of system performance.
PROATEQ improves heat transfer ("Q" Factor).
PROATEQ extends compressor system life.
PROATEQ cleans and restores older systems.
PROATEQ contains an Acid Scavenger that blocks acids from causing compressor burn out.
PROATEQ reduces friction noise and vibration.
PROATEQ reduces system cycle time (shorter run times, longer off times).
PROATEQ prevents bearing damage with an Anti-Gall/Anti-Weld additive.
PROATEQ reduces energy necessary to produce a ton of refrigeration.
PROATEQ improves systems rapidly.
PROATEQ protects the environment by reducing energy consumption.
PROATEQ contains no potentially acid-forming chlorinated or halogenated  compounds.
PROATEQ contains no gummy, system-clogging paraffin or olefin waxes.
PROATEQ poses no serious health or safety risks.
PROATEQ contains no toxic or carcinogenic materials.
PROATEQ contains no environmentally hazardous materials.
PROATEQ softens, conditions, and extends life of seals.
PROATEQ increases lubricating capability of compressor oils.

Energy and Profit Savings
Because PROATEQ improves the heat transfer ("Q" factor), the system cycle time is reduced.  This means that producing a ton of refrigeration requires less energy.  This, in turn, protects the environment and reduces cost of operation.  All this increases the bottom line pre-tax profit.

Health, Safety, and Environment
Handled with reasonable care, PROATEQ poses no serious health or safety risks, or risks to the environment.  PROATEQ contains no hazardous, toxic, or carcinogenic materials.


In most systems there will be times when the refrigerant thins the oil to a point where the lubricant will no longer protect the compressor.  Compressor oils, as well as compressor lubrication systems, generally provide poor bearing lubrication at each compressor start-up.
  PROATEQ forms a film one molecule thick  on compressor bearings, protecting the compressor at the start-up of each cycle, when the oil has drained from the load-bearing surfaces.

PROATEQ does not drain from compressor surfaces.  PROATEQ is not removed by filtration, as are standard lubricants, mechanical lubricants, or solid particle lubricants.  PROATEQ continues to protect the system, even when temperature and stress have caused conventional lubricants to become useless. 

bonds to the metal and greatly increases the lubricity in the compressor.  Because of the increased lubricity with PROATEQ, compressor oils will last longer in your compressor.  Also, because of the increased lubricity, friction noise and vibration will be reduced.  In large systems where oil changes are periodically required, PROATEQ can extend the life of the oil and the time between changes.  This can reduce annual maintenance costs.

Rapid System Improvement

PROATEQ benefits are quickly demonstrable--within 20-30 minutes in small systems such as cars, within one to two weeks in most larger systems in business or industrial applications.  After installation of PROATEQ there will be an increase in cooling efficiency, indicated by a decrease in energy consumption and a noticeably cooler temperature at the duct outlet.


Anti-Gall/Anti-Weld Additive
PROATEQ helps prevent welding, galling, and bearing seize-up during high stress operating periods, with an anti-gall/anti-weld additive.

Thermal and Oxidation Stability
PROATEQ contains a thermal and oxidation stabilizer for the compressor's lubricating oil mixture, greatly improving the oil's resistance to oxidation and corrosion.  Thus PROATEQ greatly increases the compressor's chance for long-term survival. 

Color and Heat Stabilizer
PROATEQ contains an oil color and heat stabilizer.  This helps PROATEQ  to protect your compressor oil from chemically breaking down at temperatures above 300 F.

Acid Scavenger
Compressor systems are very sensitive to acids.  Acid formation occurs when moisture combines with chlorine or one of the other halogens that are parts of compounds that break down inside the compressor due to heat or stress.  The free acids attack the windings on the compressor motor or attack the compressor bearing surfaces, causing compressor burn-out.  PROATEQ contains no chlorinated or halogenated compounds that could potentially break down and form damaging acids.  PROATEQ does contain an acid scavenger that finds and ties-up free acids if they occur in a system, rendering them harmless to the sensitive components in the compressor.

Seal Conditioner
PROATEQ contains a seal softener and conditioner additive to protect and extend the life of the seals. 


All the components of PROATEQ will help extend the equipment life and reduce maintenance costs.  Installation of PROATEQ in your system provides the most technologically advanced lubricant on today's market.  PROATEQ protects the compressor's oil from breaking down, by including a thermal and oxidation stabilizer, and a color and heat stabilizer.   PROATEQ reduces noise and vibration caused by friction and will literally clean and restore older systems.  PROATEQ contains an acid scavenger that blocks acids from causing compressor burn-out.  PROATEQ acts rapidly and will continue to protect for the life of your compressor.

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