"Look for the Blue Q"

NOTE:  Data is based on the following assumptions

  • 5 ton unit @ $40/ton/month = $200month utility bill before treatment
  • PROATEQ  provides 25% average annual savings

NOTE:  Data is based on the following assumptions:

  • 5 ton unit @ $40/ton/month = $200/month utility bill before treatment
  • Average savings using PROATEQ is 25%

PROATEQ will decrease the cost of operating air conditioning, heat pump, and refrigeration systems.  Annual savings from the use of PROATEQ will help meet company goals of energy savings and overhead reduction.  The investment in PROATEQ can usually be recaptured in three business quarters.  The following typical annual return on investment (ROI) figures are based on the graphics data on the 5-ton compressor with an assumed cost of $0.11 per kWh.

  • Over five years The $600 annual savings, with PROATEQ, yields a savings of $3,000.

Large systems such as chillers will produce a much greater ROI.  A typical 700-ton chiller will contain about 15 gallons of compressor oil, and require only 192 oz. of 
PROATEQ , or 10% of the compressor oil volume.  These assumptions, based on an assumed cost of $0.11 per kWh, yield the following results:

  • Before PROATEQ , a 700-ton system will cost about $26.00 per ton per month to operate.  The monthly utility cost will be about $18,200.
  • After PROATEQ , the projected 25% savings will reduce the utility cost about $4,550 per month.  The $4,550 monthly savings, will result in a $54,600 annual savings.
  • The $54,600 annual savings with PROATEQ, yields $273,000 savings over five years

Larger systems may realize savings that recapture the investment in as little as one business quarter.  These figures do not include a service charge for installation or sales tax if applicable.  Utility tax savings, energy savings rebates, savings on maintenance, and savings on the extension of compressor life are not included in these figures because they are difficult to project without company specific data.  These
additional savings will increase the ROI considerably.         

NOTE:     Data is based on the above information for a 700-ton unit.

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