Pneumatic Compressor Oil Additive

Products To Improve Performance,
Save Energy, And Save Money

Our Company

EnSaTEQ Inc., is a manufacturer of energy conservation products
formulated to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. 

We, as a company, authorize Wholesale Distributors who, in turn,
authorize Retail Dealers to represent our products. If you would like to
enjoy the benefits of our high-tech, money-saving energy solutions, please
contact us or one of our Wholesale Distributors.

We are always seeking experienced Wholesale Distributors of energy
conservation products.  If you are interested in becoming affiliated with our company, please contact us through the information at the bottom of this Page in the web site.

Our Products

We at EnSaTEQ, Inc., are committed to manufacturing only products that will perform as promised to improve equipment and reduce energy costs.  Each product we manufacture has been carefully formulated, thoroughly tested for performance.  Each product has been carefully tested and approved for safety.  This web site includes the Material Safety Data Sheet for each product we market.

Each product we manufacture is environmentally friendly and has no serious health risks.  When properly installed, used, or disposed of, none of our
products pollute the environment.   

Introducing Our Products

In the face of politically escalating fuel costs, whether you own one truck or a fleet of a thousand, POWR-TEQ will improve your power-formance and save your
hard-earned money for
your bank account, not the oil company's.

Engine, Transmission and Differential Oil Additives

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